Core Target Industries: B2B & B2B2C

Business to Business  – We provide our partners with premium tech solutions that enable them to monetise their audiences directly with consumers. Our core target market is the gaming industry. Our content services and solutions provide outstanding, unique games and platforms of engagement and distribution to sportsbooks, casinos and other publisher sites.

Business to Business to Consumer – We supply telco carriers worldwide with our content for them to distribute via their carrier portal. This creates direct carrier billing and a blend of content provision and audience exposure for monetisation.


The iGaming industry is one of the fastest-growing online industries in the world; the sector finds itself with more customers than it can realistically service, coupled with industry issues in fragmented technologies, consumer behaviour changes and regulation challenges. WATG overcomes these hurdles and supports the industry, giving the group huge growth and commercial opportunity. We do this by providing dextrous technologies that enable growth through mass content creation and distribution in multiple verticals, allowing partners to navigate through the complexities of the ever-changing industry.


The telco verticals allow our content to be reached by huge audience numbers based on telco subscribers/contractors to their service for carrier connections, giving WATG access to millions of users across multiple markets. This drives the overall enterprise value of the group through the access of mass mainstream audiences; thus diluting the reliance on the gaming/gambling market exposure and value (usually considered at a discount based on the nature of the business as a whole in the M&A industry)

Blending the groups’ exposure across two key commercial functions – the first in B2B of the iGaming industry and the second the in B2B2C industry of carriers/telcos – allows us to drive our enterprise value in the context of audience reach, geographical exposure, and mass revenue generation – making WATG a desirable M&A candidate for future exits.